Stacker Devlog #1 -- COMPLETION

Sandwich Stacker Devlog #1 -- COMPLETED and RELEASED!

Sandwich Stacker began as an education-oriented game for children with special needs. Aimed to be published under a close friend's startup Life Skills Software, the original prototype for this game was made in under a week for a game jam at Stevens Institute of Technology.

The idea began as myself and my artist (Anna Brown) thought about fun ways to do average every day things. Something the two of us thought was a fun game that also taught people how to do very normal everyday things was Cooking Mama, a series where you learn to cook by reading a simple screen of instructions, then proceed to follow those directions in a very cartoon-ish concept.

Following in those tracks, we came to the idea of making sandwiches. From there, I was able to rewrite my rogue-like card game mechanics to fit our exact needs for this project. At the end of the week, we had a working prototype, most of the art complete, and it was just missing a couple extra features. 

A couple months down the road, and here we are. Sandwich Stacker now has five different creatable sandwiches, a progress tracker, a score display, more characters to play as, and a wonderful Cooking Mama-like helper who is voiced and will show excitement when completing a sandwich, and let you know when you accidentally place the wrong ingredient!

I never thought this game would come as near and dear as it has over the past couple months, but I am very glad I got the chance to make something so special for a cause that is very special to a huge community of people looking for a way for their children to get the extra learning they need to be on their own at some point in life.

Feel free to leave your feedback, and please enjoy Sandwich Stacker!


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Jun 30, 2019

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