A downloadable game for Windows

Super Boss Raid is a prototype for an upcoming game. 

In this short project, I was able to test many things, this project is absolutely not perfect, but a lot of TLC went into the creation of this idea.

Thank you so much for checking out my project! Hope to see you again soon!

Game currently only functions with controllers. 1-4 players. 

Menu Controls are on the screen, in-game controls are:

Left Stick: Move

A-Button: Attack

B-Button: Magic

DISCLAIMER: This is a prototype. I KNOW there are bugs and things I could have done WAYYYY way better. Please feel free to leave your comments below or @ me on Twitter @Jakeop4444 !

Files uploaded: 4/19/19 11:54AM

Programming/Design: Jake Lovrin

Goblin-related art: Anna Brown

All other art assets: Ansimuz


prototype_jam.zip 11 MB

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